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Briquetting Machine, Briquette Machine Supplier, Briquetting Machine On Sale
Benefits of setting up your own Briquetting Plant
Briquetting plant produces renewable energy. Hence it protects source of non-conventional energy.

Environment friendly, easy accessibility and renewable source of energy.

Compared to fossil fuels, bio-briquettes are less expensive.

Agro-forestry waste such as Custer shell, ground-nut shell, saw dust, wheat husk and bamboo dust can be turned out into blocks of solid briquettes.

Higher profitability as it can work constantly and still incurs low cost.

Pollution free environment as it is free from sulfur.

Higher boiler efficiency as a result of low moisture and high density.

Reduces transportation cost.

Further more significant important is easy to pack and store and hence hygienic to manage.

Final Briquettes and Application Briquette Press
The finished briquettes produced by this briquetting press are available in various shapes, including oval, egg-like, pillow-like, and square shape, etc. and specifically shaped briquette can be customized if required. This briquette press machine can take full advantages of industrial wastes as well as saving large amount of energy consumption and economic cost. To be specific, this briquette press machine has been highly recognized by some enterprises such as briquette plant, steel plant, power plant,chemical plant, cement plant, etc.

The Process for Producing Briquette as Follow
1. Crush the raw material into small pieces (diameter is about 3-5mm)

2. Dry the material by machine or dried it in the sun , till the moisture is less than 12%

3. Put the material into feed let of briquette machine

4. Produce the briquette stick from biomass muaterial without any additive

4. Carbonized the briquette stick

Briquetting Machine/Briquette Machine Supplier/Briquetting Machine On Sale

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