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Coal Briquette Machine Supplier


Company Profile: Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd

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Coal Briquette Machine Supplier, Coal Briquetting Machine, Small Coal Briquetting Machine
Coal Briquetting Machine for Pillow Shape
1. It can produce egg shape coal or charcoal ball;

2. High capacity and high efficiency;

3. Good quality.

Significant Features of Coal Briquette Machine Manufacturer
1.high density ,high strength and high hardness.

2.Special designed mandatory feeder.

3.Special designed assistant equipment.

4. Special Installation structure makes the change and repair of parts convenient.

Knowledge about Coal Briquette Making
Coal ball briquette press machine is mainly used for high-density metal scrap (scrap iron, copper scrap, aluminum scrap, etc.), granular powder metal powder (iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc.) , metallurgical additives, sponge iron, etc., without adding any binder pressed into the case of cylindrical cakes of high-density block (weight 2-8 kg), the cake density of up to 5T/M3 block above (the different raw materials, press out the cake block density and not quantity is not the same), pressed into the cake pieces can be directly cast furnace use.

Coal Briquette Machine Supplier/Coal Briquetting Machine/Small Coal Briquetting Machine

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