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2t/h Pine Wood Pellet Plant


Company Profile: Whirlston Pellet Machinery

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Name: Vincent Han

E-mail: whirlstonvincent@gmail.com

Phone: 0086-371-65992682


The whole pine wood pellet plant includes wood debarker, wood chipper, wood dryer, wood hammer mill, wood pellet machine, pellet cooler and pellet packing machine. Under the function of all the involved machines, pine wood can be processed into pellet fuel or pellet animal bedding.

Pine wood pellet plant work process

Debarking-wood debarker
For the pine wood logs, it is not easy to crush directly. The bark need to be removed first. Our wood debarker is a new generation of efficient pine wood logs peeling machine. Take advantage of the special forces, produced by rotor with step-shaped debarking teeth, the wood logs cycle repeatedly on the groove plate of the silo.

Chipping-wood chipper
Before crushing, pine wood logs need to be chipped into small pieces. Drum wood chipper is an ideal equipment to produce large capacity and good quality pine wood chips. This machine is made up of machine base, knife roller, feeding roller, belt conveyor, hydraulic pressure system components.

Drying-wood dryer
The best moisture content for wood pelletizing is 12-15%, our rotary dryer is designed to reduce the moisture of raw materials. It adopts hot air, generated through heat stove, to remove the moisture of wood chips.

Grinding-wood hammer mill
The water drop hammer mill is mainly applied to grind pine wood chips so that they'll be suitable for pelletizing process.Wood chips are ground by the impact force from hammers and friction force from sieve plate. Direct transmission and advanced snake flexible coupling are adopted. Scientific hammer arrangement and hammer sieve intervals make sure the final products are in uniform fineness.

Pelletizing-wood pellet mill
Pelletizing is the core procedure in pine wood pellet production line. The finely pulverized materials are delivered into wood pellet mill through conveyor, then transferred into a ring die by a feeder, finally pressed into ring die through two press rollers. The resulting pressure compresses the materials and extrudes through the holes of ring die. Wood pellets are in the diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or according to your special requirements.

Cooling-pellet cooler
The wood pellets extruded from pellet machine are hot and moist, then a pellet cooler is equipped to reduce the moisture and temperature of wood pellets, thus to improve their hardness and strength.

Packing-pellet packing machine
After cooling, pine wood pellets are packed into bags or stored in bulk in order to avoid affecting with dampness. Please note that the pellets must be kept dry to prevent deterioration.

More information: http://wood-pellet-line.com/2t-pine-wood-pellet-plant/

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