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Ring Die Biomass Briquette Machine


Company Profile: Amisy Group

Name: Anna Li

E-mail: hotamisywoodpelletmill@gmail.com

Phone: +86-371-65866393


The biomass briquette machine is designed to press loose biomass residues, such as sawdust, rice husk and straw etc., into high density solid blocks that can be used as a fuel. Our biomass briquette machine is centrifugal ring die biomass briquette machine with high efficiency, low power consumption and good molding effect.

Materials for Biomass Briquetting
The best materials for biomass briquetting are sawdust and other woody residues, because they contain a high proportion of lignin. However, most dry agricultural residues can be used if they are ground into powder. The materials include cornstalks, wheat straws, cottonseed hulls, rice straws, rape straws, beanstalks, herbages, alfalfas, peanut vines, peanut shells, sweet potato vines, fire woods, branches, wheat husks, furfural residues, reeds and bamboo threads etc.

What are the Benefits of Briquetting?
Briquetting is a good way to make full use of the biomass residues that would otherwise go to waste, and replace the use of wood and charcoal and fossil fuels, thus cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Wood briquettes are easier to store and use for cooking than wood, because they are uniform in size and composition. They are much cleaner to handle than charcoal or coal, and producing less local air pollution.

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Contact Person: Anna Li
E-mail: hotamisywoodpelletmill@gmail.com
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More information: wood-pellet-mill.com/product/charcoal-briquette-machine/biomass-briquette-machine.html

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