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Carbonization Furnace


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Introduction of Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization furnace is the ideal equipment for making charcoal briquettes. It is the key equipment for the whole charcoal making process. The carbonizing furnace adopts the latest technology and reasonable structure which increases the carbonizing ratio and shorten the carbonizing time.

Application of the Carbonization Furnace
The carbonization furnaces are widely used for processing charcoal with biomass briquettes, woods and forestry residues. The biomass briquettes are made from the sawdust and other agriculture residues such as crop straws, rice husks, bamboo shavings, grasses by using a charcoal briquette machine. And woods and forestry residues such as pine wood, willow wood, bamboo can also used as raw materials of carbonization furnaces which directly enter the carbonization furnace and been carbonized into wood charcoal without crushing powering and briquetting process. The charcoal briquettes made by the carbonization furnaces are with the features of high density, low volume, easy to burn and suitable for family and industry use.

More information: wood-pellet-mill.com/product/charcoal-briquette-machine/carbonization-furnace.html

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