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Company Profile: florafuel AG

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Name: Hans Werner

E-mail: info@florafuel.de

Phone: 004989-4510880


florafuel AG has developed a patented procedure which enables towns, farmers, composting plant operators as well as companies to produce high-quality renewable CO2-neutral fuels in the form of pellets and briquettes from biomass and biogenic waste material (such as grass, leaves, reed, marsh cuttings, roadside cuttings, silage and fermentation waste). In turn, the pellets and briquettes generate both heat and electricity. Innovative conditioning technology ensures that substances usually found in stalks which are hazardous during combustion, such as potassium and chlorine, are reduced by more than 70%. The heating value of the biofuel produced is similar to wood and is capable of generating base load power. The florafuel procedure provides high energy efficiency and means lower investment costs compared to other methods. The florafuel procedure therefore offers an ideal contribution to the bio-energy mix, both from an ecological and economic perspective.

More information: florafuel.de

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