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Small Flat Die Pellet Mill


Company Profile: ABC Machinery

Name: ABC Machinery

E-mail: info@bioenergy-machine.com

Phone: 863725965148


Flat die pellet mill belongs to small pellet mill because of its capacity (under 800kg/h), it is applicable for making wood, sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark, weeds, alfalfa, etc. into high density biomass pellets. The pellets are mainly used as fuel for home heating, central heating boiler, animal bedding, or as feed for poultry.

Now, biomas pellets have become the replacement of coal, petroleum, natural gas, and other fossil fuels because they are energy-saving and can decrease carbon emission. Plastic pellets and fertilizer pellets can also be made by flat die pellet mill.

More information: bioenergy-machine.com/flat-die-pellet-mill.html

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