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Turn Wastes into Fuel with Pellet Mill


Company Profile: Whirlston Pellet Machinery

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Name: Vincent Han

E-mail: whirlstonvincent@gmail.com

Phone: 0086-371-65992682


What can ring die wood pellet mill do?
1. Make biofuel for factory processing and home heating.
2. Make animal pellet feed for poultry and pet.
3. Make animal bedding pellets to replace traditional straw and chips.

What can be processed by ring die wood pellet mill?
1. Wood residues, such as rotten tree, wood chip, sawdust, leaves, etc.
2. Agricultural wastes, such as straw, grass, corncob, peanut shell, rice husk, etc.
3. Others, such as fermentation residues, coffee grounds, bagasse, etc.

How is waste residue processed in ring die wood pellet mill?
1.Crushed and dried raw materials are sent into two pelletizing zones through die cover and feeding scraper.
2.When ring die is driven rotating by the hollow shaft driving wheels, what have been fed in are drawn into the space between die and rollers.
3.After repeating friction and pressing force of die and rollers, raw materials are reshaped and extruded out through ring die.
4.Then the molding pellets are cut into required size by cutter and discharged from the ring die wood pelleting machine.

More information: http://wood-pellet-line.com/ring-die-wood-pellet-mill/

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