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Forklift Compost Turner Machine


Company Profile: Allance Compost Turner Machinery

Name: Olivia Lewis

E-mail: compostwindrowturner@gmail.com

Phone: 8637165950309


Forklift Compost Turner Machine can raise the compost pile reaching a height of 2-3m, there being good air circulation in the turning process which greatly improves the composting efficiency. If equipped with bucket, the forklift compost turner turns into a loader, which makes it a wider application in compost fertilizer plant, and other commercial usage.

Striking Things about Forklift Compost Turner Machine
★ Just like self-propelled composting equipment, the forklift turner machine is also with 4 wheels design. Forward, backward, turn around, all actions can be operated by only 1 worker, so it saves cost.
★ The capacity of this high-efficiency compost turner machine is 400-500m≥/h. It can evenly mix and turn all kinds of organic materials, the whole decomposition process being coherent and powerful- replenished oxygen supply and helpful mixing or turning of turner machine promoting organic matter thoroughly decomposed, so it saves time.
★ Multi-functional forklift compost turner is specially designed and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of most bio organic fertilizer production lines. It has crushing function, mixing and turning functions, being an environmental-friendly “rising star” in Organic Waste Management Industry, so it saves energy.

More information: compost-turner.net/compost-turner/forklift-compost-turner-machine.html

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