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Wood Pellet Weighing and Packing Machine


Company Profile: Whirlston Wood Pellet Machinery

Name: Steve Zhao

E-mail: whirlstonsteve@gmail.com

Phone: 86-371-65903478


Automatic wood packing machine is advanced designed and manufactured bagging machine with PLC controlling technology adopted and accurate measure instrument equipped, thus it has high weighing precision, bagging speed and stable performance. The quantative bagging machine is broadly used in easy flow wood pellets, feed pellets and some powder materials with no corrosivity. Automatic wood weighing and packing machine plays the indispensible role in improving wood pelletizing efficiency.

The features of wood pellet weighing & packing machine
1. Advanced design and equipment, PLC controlling system, high automation in weighing and packing.
2. Easy to operate, assemble and maintain; stable packing.
3. Clean and environmental friendly, accurate weighing and packing.
4. Simple structure and flexible operation

More information: woodpelletmachine.net/product/wood-pellets-packing-machine.html

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