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Pellet boiler system


Company Profile: Ulma AB

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Name: Martin Karlsson

E-mail: martin@ulma.se

Phone: +46 32517680


The ULMA-boiler is a compact and flexible boiler that is also equipped, with a standard built in mixer control valve and the possibility for direct room temperature sensor inputs into the control system if required. This boiler comes with 6kW back up electric immersion heater that operates as backup heat in case of emergency.
The boiler sends out an alarm when cleaning is needed.
The ash box should be emptied approx. 2-3 times per year maximum, depending on the heat consumption of the house, and holds approx. 45 liters of ash.
The efficiency is very high since we have matched the boiler to the burner.
The ULMA-boiler has an onboard PLC controlling the burner and the built-in three way mixer control valve on the boiler. From the PLC display you can read the boiler temperature and the flue gas temperature output from the boiler.
The control panel allows you to choose between pellets and electric fuel sources. Small light emitting diodes show real time power level being used by the immersion heater. The immersion heater makes it possible to retain a minimum temperature without burning pellets if you are away from the house during a longer period. The boiler also has an alarm indicator that shows if an error in operation has occurred.

More information: ulma.se

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