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Solid Biofuel - Exhausted Olive Cake


Company Profile: Alimeco SA

Name: Thanos Kanellos

E-mail: sales@alimeco.gr

Phone: 00302107242316


At this moment we are able to offer you Exhausted Olive Cake/Olive Residue which is a dry material (solid biofuel) composed of ground olive stones and pulp.

This material may come either from the pomace paste itself after the drying phase, or from the previous centrifugation before the physical extraction phase. Exhausted olive cake differs from crude olive cake mainly by lower oil content and a smaller water content because it has been dehydrated during the extraction process. Due to the low ash content of these stones and the type of combustion, this material is very efficient, in terms of bio heat production, cost and environmental impact (zero net contribution to the greenhouse effect, drying gases comply with European Legislation for gaseous pollutants). This dry olive cake can also be used as a biomass fuel for electricity generation

The traditional use of exhausted olive cake is as fuel in drying ovens or biomass boilers (co-firing) because of its thermal capacity. A biomass boiler with a fully automated feeding system can be used by a wide range of heat plants and agricultural businesses. The annual cost of biofuel for heat production is much lower than the cost of heat production that is based on the use of crude oil.

Some indicative specifications of the exhausted olive cake (code 2306.90.11) are the following:

Net Calorific Value: 16.000 - 16.500 MJ/kg
Moisture: 14-17%
Ash content : 3 - 4.1%
Oil: 1 - 1.5%

We have direct contacts with the main Greek factories and if the specs above are of your interest, pls indicate port of destination and relevant quantity you would be interested in, so as to review together the potential for a business opportunity at this stage of the market development.

Thank you!

Thanos P. Kanellos, MBA, MEng
Commodity Trader ALIMECO S.A.

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